Intuitive & Light-handed

"As a gardener, I think it's important to have sensitivity and awareness towards the nature of a place when creating gardens that complement their surroundings."

Oli Brown

Steeped in horticulture knowledge and sharpened by the years plying their trade, Lscape provides a range of holistic garden services. From garden design to custom sculptures, our approach to work is consistent – before lifting a shovel, we consult with our clients about their requirements, taking a thorough look at the environment of a site. Localised characteristics such as aspect and topography form an important part of the design and planning process, such as selecting the right plants for the climatic conditions.

Our garden services include:
  • Garden Design
  • Horticultural Consulting
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Planting
  • Pruning
  • Feeding and Mulching
  • Pest and Disease Remediation
  • Soil Analysis and Amendment
  • Lawn Rejuvenation
  • Lawn Installation
  • Custom Trellises
  • Garden Sculpture
Our work is characterised by an innate sensitivity to place and an intuitive and light-handed approach to gardening.
Let our green thumbs do the heavy lifting when it comes to rejuvenating the vitality, purpose and beauty of your garden.