Southern Highlands
Historic Gardens

Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands is renowned for its abundant and beautiful gardens, rich volcanic soils and cooler seasonal climate. We've been very fortunate in being able to work on many wonderful and historic properties throughout the Southern Highlands.

Project Description: Lscape provides ongoing garden management, implementing new designs to complement old, landscaping, new plantings and garden care.

Historic Southern Highlands cottage in autumn

A view of the conservatory, embraced by a lovely old Chinese Elm

Old Chinese Elm

Oli Brown in the garden

There's a lot of hands-on work in maintaining a beautiful garden. I get a lot of joy and satisfaction when our fruits of labour start to blossom into a beautiful garden.

Oli Brown
Wooden gates to historic highlands cottage Lawn Daisies, Bowral Custom container pots on an old meandering driveway

Custom container pots on an old meandering driveway

Gardens are a beautiful expression of creativity and vitality. Our approach to design bridges the aesthetic with the living.
Let our green thumbs do the heavy lifting when it comes to rejuvenating the vitality, purpose and beauty of your garden.