Holistic Garden & Landscape Services

Creating beautiful spaces that connect people to place.

Founded in 2015 by horticulturist and landscape gardener Oli Brown, Lscape is a specialist team that provide holistic garden and landscape services in the NSW Southern Highlands.

Qualified Horticulturalists & Landscape Gardeners
Sandstone paving, professional landscape gardening services
Galvanised around the simple belief that all elements of a garden, including hard and soft surfaces, are experienced together as one, Lscape has expanded its offering to provide end-to-end holistic garden and landscape services.
Gardens are a beautiful expression of creativity and vitality. Our approach to design bridges the aesthetic with the living.

Before lifting a shovel, we consult with our clients about their requirements, taking a thorough look at both the built and natural environment of a given space.


With our roots in horticulture, Lscape provides a range of professional landscaping services that marry beauty and functionality.

Feature Gardens & Projects
Let our green thumbs do the heavy lifting when it comes to rejuvenating the vitality, purpose and beauty of your garden.